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Buildings Insurance


Building insurance is available to all properties managed by Ross & Liddell, this includes houses which in the main do not have a title deed requirement for building insurance. Cover can also be extended to include property such as a work of art / ornamental structure that is common to all owners within a property, in addition to contents of common areas.

Owner occupiers have the benefit of building insurance which automatically includes accidental damage and subsidence. Our insurance is underwritten by Zurich insurance company and is index linked on an annual basis in line with the rebuilding cost index provided by Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the application of index linking does not guarantee that your sum insured is adequate. Unless your title deeds say otherwise, it is up to each owner to ensure the building sum insured represents the full reinstatement cost of your property which should normally be included within the reinstatement cost of the property:

  • Your property and common areas
  • Demolition of the property and debris removal costs
  • Reconstruction and VAT
  • Architects and surveyors fees
  • Cover extends to include Property Owners Liability for both your private dwelling and common areas

Our building insurance policy contains a general interest clause to note the interest of superior landlords, landlords lessees under lessees assignees licensees financiers lenders receivers and or mortgagees of Property insured. As a result your building society interest is automatically included with their interest needs only to be notified to the insurer at the time of a claim

Properties that are not occupied by the property owner as a permanent residence will have reduced cover with the following optional cover extensions available to owners who have building insurance arranged by Ross & Liddell:

Terrorism cover (available if the property as a whole is insured, cover is not available for individual properties).

Tenanted properties including various occupancies such as retail, residential, holiday lets

Unoccupied properties

Holiday or 2nd homes

In addition, cover can be arranged for the following;

Matching parts - In the event of a valid claim, would extend the existing standard cover to replace undamaged parts of buildings that form part of a suite, common design, or function where the damage is restricted to a clearly identifiable area, or to a specific part.  Quotations are available upon request with cover extending to include common areas if all owners within the property take advantage of this additional extension.

Management Liability

Contents - Varying levels of sums insured are available including option for personal effects either UK or Worldwide. 

Legal Expenses


For further information on the optional covers and / or extensions, please refer to either the appropriate cover section or contact our insurance department on 0141 221 9266.

Payment of insurance premiums by monthly instalments usually attracts an additional cost, however we are pleased to advise we can offer this facility at no cost to you. Please contact our finance team on 0141 221 9266 who will be able to provide details to you.

Policy wordings and cover summaries are available here, however if you would prefer a copy to be emailed or mailed directly to you, our insurance team will be happy to accommodate your request