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Our Engineering insurance is underwritten by Zurich and provides the statutory inspections together with an element of insurance cover which relates to unforeseen and sudden damage. The insurance element of the cover is in place for all R&L managed properties that have engineering insurance in place.

Our brokers have provided the definition of unforeseen and sudden failure as including, for example, a part failing unexpectantly and a lift failing as a result. You should note that if a part fails due to wear and tear this would not be covered under the insurance policy.The insurance product will also cover the cost of replacing obsolete parts which a service maintenance contract will not.

Your property manager will be contacted directly by the Zurich engineer to arrange inspections of the plant such as lifts, boilers etc.

Payment of insurance premiums by monthly instalments usually attracts an additional cost, however we are pleased to advise we can offer this facility at no cost to you. Please contact our finance team on 0141 221 9266 who will be able to provide details to you.

Policy wordings and cover summaries can be found here, however if you would prefer a copy to be emailed or mailed directly to you, our insurance team will be happy to accommodate.