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Emergency Contractors

We have a dedicated out-of-hours team who are available to assist you with any communal emergencies out with our normal office hours. They will take details of any issue from you and will liaise with an appropriate contractor, on your behalf, to ensure attendance, and will keep you updated along the way. They will then update our office team first thing the next working morning, who will ensure that any follow up action is dealt with quickly.

Tradesmen will only attend in the case of a true emergency affecting common areas, therefore you will be asked some questions when you call us, to determine whether contractors attendance is appropriate. A contractor attending out with normal working hours will incur increased call out rates, which will be charged to your property, therefore please only call in case of an emergency and when the matter cannot wait until our office reopens.

Our out-of-hours team can be contacted on 0345 034 1444.

Some notes which may assist you:


Leaks from the plumbing within your own home is a private repair, and you should appoint your own private plumber to address these. 


Bad weather may prevent contractors from being able to safely access the roof to carry out a repair, to make the property watertight, therefore please consider whether any water ingress can be contained until the weather improves. If this is not possible, contractors may be able to attend to take temporary measures, such as placing plastic sheeting in the property/attic space but this will be subject to conditions being safe to do so.


If you smell gas or believe there to be a gas leak, you should report this to

National Gas Emergencies on 0800 111 999


Complete loss of power to a building, including flats and common areas is a matter for the electricity board.

Please call 105 to report this to the Electricity Network or for updates.

Insurance Claims

Insurers have chosen Questgates as their appointed loss adjusters, who will deal with all property damage claims relating to both building and contents.

Questgates loss adjusters can be contacted on 0800 195 5684 or by E-Mail at private@questgates.co.uk

Please note that should maintenance cover / contract be in place, for a common service such as Lifts or Fire Safety Systems, you should contact the cover provider in case of an emergency and not an independent tradesman as this will generate a charge which you may be liable for. There should be a sticker for the name of the maintenance contractor on the equipment or, alternatively, the details will have been provided to you in correspondence from us.