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Residential Management Services

When appointed as Property Manager, we aim to tailor the management services which we provide to meet the specific needs of individual developments and clients.

However, there is of course a degree of commonality in services, which are generally provided to a majority of our developments, which we would briefly outline as follows:


The appropriate inspection frequency is generally determined following consideration of the size, construction and condition of the development buildings, the nature and standard of any grounds, and the extent and nature of services provided at the development. A minimum of two inspections per year will be undertaken, however, this can be increased to reflect the needs and preferences of Owners. Additional inspections and site visits will generally be required to address specific issues or can be arranged upon request. Inspections, unless otherwise agreed, are restricted to a visual inspection only of easily accessible areas and specifically exclude roofs, uninhabited basements, and areas which could present a danger. Special arrangements can, however, be made to have inspections of these areas undertaken.

Common Repairs

Repairs are instructed in accordance with the terms of the individual Titles, or Deed of Conditions for the development, and in accordance with the terms of our Service Level Agreement.

We will communicate fully with Owners regarding required common repairs and will generally progress work based on a majority decision of owners, subject to satisfactory funding being available.


Insurance is arranged in compliance with the Title Conditions, or Deed of Conditions for the development, and full information with regard to the Insurance Arrangements, Policy and Premiums will be provided to Owners.

Further information on our Insurance Services are provided under the Insurance section of this website.


We generally arrange the cleaning and supervision of the cleaning of the common areas of the development, which generally includes the communal entrances, hallways, stairs, landings and windows, to our standard specification. Other common areas such as car parks, basements storage areas, bin stores can also be cleaned as required. Cost in respect to cleaning with be shared among Owners in accordance with the provisions of the Title or Deed of Conditions.

Owners Meetings

We can assist Owners in convening meetings, as provided for within the Title, or Deed of Conditions, and will be happy to provide advice, in respect to the formation of an Owners’ Association, where possible. We can also attend properly convened Annual General Meetings, and can assist in preparing and circulating Minutes, upon request by Owners. 

Equipment, Plant & Machinery Maintenance

We will arrange maintenance contracts for communal lifts and other installed machinery, ensuring, where applicable, that the relevant maintenance and safety inspections are carried out. This would mainly relate to items such as Lifts, Fire Alarms & Safety Systems, Security Systems, Common Water Pumps etc.

Garden & Landscaping Maintenance

We will organize summer/winter gardening contracts, based on our standard specification, for all communal landscaped areas. We will also arrange for necessary safety inspections of play parks and equipment.

Additional, or enhanced, Garden and Landscaping services can be arranged in consultation with, and on the instruction of, owners.

Hard Standing Areas

We will arrange for maintenance, or repairs, required to any car parking areas, roads, pavements and footpaths, but only where these have not been adopted by the Local Authority.


Unless adopted by the Local Authority we will arrange maintenance of the stair lighting and any other communal lighting, together with any door entry system, communal aerial/satellite system, etc.


We will arrange the maintenance and redecoration of all communal internal and external painted surfaces, within the development, in accordance with the provisions, and stipulations, contained within the Titles, or Deed of Conditions, and in accordance with the terms of our Service Level Agreement.


Ingathering funds and arranging payment of all accounts for services and repairs relating to the common property and accounting to our Owners. Accounting will be undertaken in accordance with the provisions of the Titles, or Deed of Condition, for the development, or in the absence of such Title provisions by agreement with the proprietors.  Accounting is generally undertaken on a quarterly, half yearly, or yearly frequency. Payment of accounts will be subject to satisfactory funding being available.

We will issue full and transparent accounts to Owners and further information in relation to accounting and funding can be found within our Service Level Agreement. 


We will assist Owners in respect to any issues of a common nature, and can provide advice and guidance where we are unable to resolve matters directly. We will communicate openly with Owners on all common matters and will at all time seek to provide a professional and transparent service, in compliance with the provisions of the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011.

Additional Information on specific services & topics are available either from our website, or by application to any of our offices.