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Mental health charity receives boost from Ross and Liddell

A PAISLEY-headquartered organisation which provides help and support to people living with mental ill health has been given a financial boost from a Scotland-wide community funding scheme.


Recovery Across Mental Health (RAMH) has received funding from the Ross and Liddell community bursary scheme – a project which provides support to organisations all over the country.

RAMH promotes recovery from mental illness by encouraging people to reach their full potential, and provides counselling sessions alongside social, creative and therapeutic activities and courses.

Courses range from mindfulness, financial literacy and eating on a budget, to sessions on employability, financial literacy and housing support, alongside many others.

RAMH also offers support in crisis situations and provides help and advice to families, friends and carers. Referrals to the service come via individuals themselves or health professionals.

The funding received from Ross and Liddell will be used to maintain and develop services and to help the charity raise awareness of the work it carries out in communities in the west of Scotland.

RAMH Chief Executive Stephen McLellan said: “RAMH promotes recovery from mental ill health by providing people with the tools they need to build independent, fulfilling lives.

“Our work raises awareness of what it’s like to live with mental illness, breaking down the stigma and changing perceptions."

“The classes and courses we offer help to alleviate symptoms of social isolation and get people thinking creatively. We take a very holistic approach: we’re led by the topics that people want to cover and we work with them to understand their strengths and interests."

“We would like to say a huge thank you to Ross and Liddell. The money will make a real difference and will help us to continue to support people living with mental health challenges.”

Now in its sixth year, the Ross and Liddell community bursary scheme was launches to provide support to organisations across Scotland that are making a vital difference in their communities.

RAMH is one of 32 groups to receive funding in the 2016/17 bursary scheme.

Irene Devenny, managing director of Ross and Liddell, said:

“We’re very proud to be providing funding to groups all over Scotland in this year’s community bursary scheme.

“It’s so important that organisations like RAMH have access to funding as people living with mental ill health really benefit from creative activities that help to alleviate social isolation.  

“We’re thrilled to offer our support and we hope that the funding will be of great benefit.”