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Commercial Landlord Management Services

At Ross and Liddell, we can take the stress out of managing your portfolio. Our team of Property Managers are helping commercial landlords across Scotland ensure that they maximise their investment.

Management services we provide for commercial landlords include:

Rent Collection

Tackling unpaid rent can be challenging, particularly if the correct procedure is not followed. We can take care of this for you, to ensure that the right procedure is followed, in accordance with the terms of the Lease.

Lease Compliance

We work with tenants, and aim to maintain a good landlord and tenant relationship, whilst at the same time, ensuring that they meet with their Lease obligations.

Annual Inspections

One of the ways we help lease compliance stay in good standing is with an annual inspection. By having someone carry out a thorough inspection of a property, we can monitor the condition and keep tabs on anything that may become an issue down the line.  We report to the landlord, and provide photographs of each inspection.

Landlord Accounting

We can account to Landlords in an agreed format, and frequency.

Service Charges

Here at Ross & Liddell, we administer service charges for many different types of property, from very small, to very large.  We do so in line with RICS Service Charges in Commercial Property, 1st Edition, September, 2018. 

We are efficient and transparent in our approach to service charges, and our modern systems ensures accurate and prompt release of service charge invoices.  Our Chartered Surveyors are well equipped to answer any queries, and assists owners with budgeting.


Our Clients put their trust in us, when it comes to managing their needs within the common parts of their property.  We have a wealth of experience in managing different types of commercial property.  We are pro-active in our approach, and realistic in terms of costs.   We will work with Landlords to agree a Budget for each year, which would take into consideration each individual tenant’s lease obligations.  We will communicate this budget to all tenants, to ensure transparency.  Repairs will be scheduled in line with this budget, which allows us to be in funds to be proactive in our approach to repairs within your property.

Commercial Water Rates

Should I Pay Water Rates for Empty Commercial Property?

The Scottish Government removed the exemption for vacant non-household properties on 1 April 2017.  As such, vacant commercial properties are now liable for charges in the same way as those that are occupied. Owners of vacant commercial properties are therefore liable for water, sewerage and drainage charges.

What if my property doesn’t have a meter?

Water and sewerage charges for non-domestic customers are made up of six elements:

  • a fixed charge for water
  • a volumetric charge for water
  • a fixed charge for wastewater
  • a volumetric charge for wastewater
  • property drainage
  • roads drainage

Many commercial properties are metered for water usage.  However, where there is no meter, the provider will bill the occupier based on the rateable value of the property. In addition to water usage, property and roads drainage charges will apply.  The basis of charging will be detailed on the invoice from your provider.

Do I need to keep the water supplier informed of the occupancy of my property?

Yes.  The Water Resources (Scotland) Act 2013 provides for water and sewerage suppliers to be notified by the owner of a commercial property, when there is a change of occupancy, or where the property becomes vacant.

My property isn’t connected to a water supply, or drainage service. Do I still need to pay?

You may still be liable for charges, yes.

Why choose Ross & Liddell?

We are one of Scotland’s leading property management companies, and our commercial landlord management services are second to none. We help commercial landlords with all management issues and strive to make sure that landlords aren’t met with any nasty surprises.

Find out how we can help carry out and maintain inspections on your behalf by getting in touch today.