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Commercial Co-Proprietor Management Services

Ross & Liddell work with co-proprietors to help provide the right level of service to effectively manage their commercial property. We assist co-proprietors in the management of common parts, to include; arranging common cleaning, health & safety, compliance, and repairs.

Commercial co-proprietor management services we provide include:

Regular inspections of common parts

Ross & Liddell realise the importance of regular inspections, in order to identify issues as quickly as possible.  This allows us to react to issues, and solve problems quickly, and effectively.  This allows us to spot things like broken toilet seats, cleaning issues, bulbs out, rubbish left in common parts – all the little things that need attended to quickly, as well as any major issues.

Service charges

Here at Ross & Liddell, we administer service charges for many different types of property, from very small, to very large.  We do so in line with RICS Service Charges in Commercial Property, 1st Edition, September, 2018. 

We are efficient and transparent in our approach to service charges, and our modern systems ensures accurate and prompt release of service charge invoices.  Our Chartered Surveyors are well equipped to answer any queries, and assists owners with budgeting.


Our Clients put their trust in us, when it comes to managing their needs within commonly owned property.  We have a wealth of experience in managing different types of commercial property.  We are pro-active in our approach, and realistic in terms of costs.  We understand that owners can’t address all required repairs at one time.  To assist with each owners’ cashflow, we plan expenditure in terms of priority, to ensure that owners can afford the sums required within each year.  This also assists in managing expectations, as we communicate short and long term plans regularly, all per instructions obtained from owners, in accordance with the Deed of Conditions.

Cyclical Maintenance

Cyclical maintenance such as regular gutter cleaning, jetting of drains, gulley sweeping, grounds maintenance, assists in preventing more serious problems occurring at a later date. 

Reactive Repairs

We take the stress out of solving problems.  When the ground floor is flooded, and you need someone to stop the leak and clean the area up, we can source this quickly.  Our list of approved contractors are always on hand to react quickly and provide a quality service, whilst providing value for money.

Effective commercial maintenance with Ross & Liddell

Want to learn more about the services we provide? Please get in touch with your local office to speak with one of our specialists.