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Service Level Agreement


The contents of this document will be reviewed periodically and updated as we consider appropriate. We will endeavour to attain these service levels no matter the circumstances and will work with clients to identify those service criteria most critical to their individual development and requirements.

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A summary of the changes:-


Section 2.i      Emergency Works – Loss Adjusting details updated

Section 5.iii    Sinking Fund - updated

Section 6.iii    Difference in Conditions replaced with the Request for non-renewal of building insurance section

Section 6.iv    New Section added – Evidence of insurance

Section 6.v     Building sum insured -  updated

Section 6.vii   Claims – Loss adjusting details updated

Section 6.viii  Insurance commission – updated

Section 7.ii     Apportionment Fee – updated

Section 8.ii     Methods of payment – updated

Section 9.ii     First Reminder – updated

Section 9.iii    Second Reminder – updated

Section 13      Complaints – First Tier Tribunal details updated

Section 16      Data Protection – New section added.