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Like all businesses, and individuals, we are preparing for severe disruption to normality, arising from the Coronavirus (COVID - 19) pandemic. At the moment, our business is responding based on the specific guidance issued by the UK Government, Scottish Government and the NHS.

The most recent advice, confirms that it is inevitable that businesses all across the country will be disrupted, to some degree, by the outbreak and has made specific requests to limit unnecessary social contact.

We are taking appropriate precautions, to protect our staff, and to assist in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, whilst maintaining as full a service as possible for our clients. In order to do so we confirm the following:

: Our offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee will remain open, and will be operated by key staff members until further Notice

: Staff car sharing has been implemented to restrict commuting via public transport and appropriate disinfection and segregation protocols apply within our offices

: Contingency plans are in place to allow all staff to work from home, with full secure access to our IT and management systems, where this becomes necessary

: Staff working from home will have full access to e-mails and will respond accordingly

: Telephone calls will be answered, as normal, within our offices and assistance given directly to clients, or messages will be passed on to individual staff members, working from home, who will return calls thereafter

: Property inspections will continue, and repairs will continue to be instructed, however, face to face discussions with clients, and contractors, will not be possible during inspections

: Client meetings, including AGMs and Committee Meetings, are suspended, from 17th March 2020, until further Notice, pending revised advice which allows these to be safely reinstated

We do not believe that you should have any difficulty contacting us by telephone, or e-mail, as normal, however, you can also get in touch via the contact forms on our website.

We aim to maintain and provide as full a service to clients, as outlined within our Service Level Agreement, as possible, subject to any updated Government directives, which may impact on our ability to do so.

Please also be aware that our Factoring service is partly dependent upon the availability of services from contractors, and third parties, whose operations may also be significantly impacted by this unprecedented outbreak.

We will continue to monitor the situation, as it develops, and keep you updated where this is likely to impact on the provision of our services.

We hope that you, your family and friends remain well during this uncertain, and difficult, period.

Yours sincerely

Andrew J Cunningham BSc MRICS
Managing Director