Professional Services

Rent Reviews

We have had a longstanding involvement with rent reviews on all types of commercial property and our experienced Chartered Surveyors have a detailed understanding of the lease terms and case law, around which the mechanics of the rent review process are based. Our market knowledge and understanding of the relevant valuation principles allow us to provide sound professional advice to both Landlord and Tenant clients.

Whether you are a Landlord seeking to maximise rental income or a tenant wishing to minimise occupational costs we can give you the advantage to achieve the best result.

Lease Renewals

Lease renewals allow a renegotiation of lease terms to reflect the prevailing market conditions, with the result that they present an important opportunity for both Landlords and Tenants. There is a wide range of aims and objectives on both sides, which can result in complex negotiations, the result of which can see significant rewards for the successful party. The experience of our Chartered Surveyors could be the difference between realising the potential of the renewal situation, or unwittingly missing an opportunity.

Lease renewals should be treated with the same thoroughness as a new lease and we are ready and able to help you secure the best possible deal.


We regularly address and enforce the dilapidation requirements stipulated in the majority of commercial leases, to ensure that our Management Clients benefit fully from the tenants compliance with these provisions. Our Management Staff work closely with our Building Surveyors, on dilapidation matters and our Building Surveyors are also available for consultation on all aspects of building use and management.

Should you require further information on these professional services please contact:

Andrew J Cunningham BSc MRICS
Tel: 0141 221 9266 / 0131 346 8989