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Construction (D&M) Regulations

Their aim is to help reduce the number of serious and fatal accidents, and the numerous cases of ill health which affect the UK construction industry each year - accidents which cost the industry many millions of pounds as well as the cost to the individuals and families involved.

It falls to all who create the risks to be responsible for controlling them.

The regulations affect almost all construction work and anyone with a project in mind, should check to see how that project is affected. Our Building Surveyors can give this advice.

Under the regulations, anyone construction, or altering, converting, extending, repairing, or maintaining almost any building, work of civil Engineering or Engineering construction, (with the exception of private dwellings and very small projects) would need to apply the regulations and appoint a principle designer and a principle contractor. We have the expertise to advise on the application of the regulations and act in the capacity of the Principle Designer for all building works under our control.