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Building Surveys

The maintenance condition of a property, from roofs to heating systems and much else besides, needs to be considered and items needing urgent attention identified.

What is required to satisfy the various Workplace Regulations under Health & Safety Legislation may also need to be considered. Defects, or potential defects, need to be carefully examined, the cost of putting them right assessed, and the effects on the purchase price or asking rent taken into account.

Assessment of Replacement Costs for insurance purposes

We can accurately assess the proper level of insurance cover for buildings, and can advise on the sourcing of replacement materials and the cost of fittings, plant and machinery. We can also make a realistic assessment of the risk involved to assist in negotiating appropriate insurance premiums.

Our Building Surveyors regularly represent owners in negotiating insurance claims after fire damage and are involved in obtaining statutory Fire Certificates supplied to non-residential property.

The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006

The Fire (Scotland) Act imposes duties on employers, employees, managers and owners in relation to carrying out fire risk assessments; putting in place necessary fire safety measures and reviewing fire risk assessments. In general, the Act seeks to protect people in premises from harm caused by fire by setting out fire safety responsibilities. Compliance with these Regulations is achieved by undertaking a fire risk assessment to ensure that fire hazards are removed, or at least compensated for. Fire risk assessments are generally carried out over elements such as;

  • the structural fire safety of the building, i.e. it's compartments

  • the means of escape

  • the fire detection and alarm systems

  • first aid fire fighting equipment

  • housekeeping and staff training

Failure to adhere to this legislation could entail on summary conviction a fine, or on conviction on indictment to a fine or imprisonment. Our Building Surveyors can undertake this Assessment on your behalf. ​

Disability Discrimination Act 1995

This places a duty on all service providers to remove any physical barriers associated with their premises that prevent access to people with disabilities. A service provider is any business offering a service that is used, or could be used, by a member of the public. The Act covers all disabilities not just those associated with mobility, and service providers need to respond accordingly.

There’s a requirement for a sensible balance between the needs of disabled people, compliance with the law, and the efficiency of services provided to the public. We can advise on the reasonable adjustments to remove, alter or avoid physical features and barriers that prevent access to premises.